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We love to introduce you to this beautiful part of the world and take you to some of our favourite spots

Hermes and Sandra

Dear Mallika and Deep, We are thankful for kindness and hospitality. We have spent enjoyable and wonderful time on your yacht. We have had the chance to visit incredible places and see marine wildlife. We also appreciated your professionally on ...
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Meredith and Avi

Hi you two! It has been awe-inspiring to follow your travels west… I’m so happy you survived the Pacific crossing without much worse than a bad tooth! I have been meaning to send you a review for so long, and ...
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I take a deep breath. The rich jungle scent is entering my awareness. Looking up I see the full moon, her light revealing a dreamlike scenery. Slowly we glide with our wooden canoe over the quiet lake. Once in a ...
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Juna, her joyful time on earth has come to an end

Her joyful time on earth has come to an end. Our most loved, hopelessly naughty, little pussycat Juna is not with us any more. At least not in her beautiful Siamese cat form. She is still everywhere... her energy wrapped ...
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Eat a dragon to start your day

Yippee breakfast in bed!! That is so awesome, thank you☺ But this color is this normal? Yes it is! Start your day with eating dragon, well eating dragon fruit. While the dragon fruit’s name might sound intimidating, it has a ...
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Very smart indonesian sailors

We are now close to Lombok and the currents here are extremely strong. When we go, together with Han en Maja, back to Bali we experience 8 knots of current. Even with faster sailing boats this becomes a bit of ...
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De tides of the Sea

Logbook entry Twenty seven th of december 2017 10.15 We are sailing in the Lombok strait between Lombok en Bali. The current at the moment is enormous. There are whirlpools in the water everywhere. We sail from one whirlpool to ...
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River in Bali

And this is another picture ( I think the 6th) for the black and white Serie off this week. This black and white Serie was a challenge from my friend Lex. Thanks, Lex it's nice to think black and white ...
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We wish you a blessed 2018 full of inner peace

We wish you a blessed 2018 full of inner peace Mallika and Deep Quote: "You can not believe in God until you believe in yourself." Swami Vivekananda ...
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Bali in black and white

Bali is about temples. Every house has its own temple, usually almost half of the space of the house. Apart from this each village has at least 3 main temples. The temple can be 1000 years old or 5. This ...
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Monkey playing with my hair

December 5th, Bali Wild Monkey suddenly sits on my shoulder. I'm a bit shocked. The monkey looks like to me like we are family. Do we look alike a lot? Wonderfull to have nature so close ...
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Leaving Fiji was like leaving home

Blog Fiji-Port Moresby Last episode in the Pacific Ocean Leaving Fiji was like leaving home. The people there are so super friendly you can hardly believe it exists in this world. Together with the beauty of their islands and surrounding ...
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