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Leaving Fiji was like leaving home

Blog Fiji-Port Moresby Last episode in the Pacific Ocean Leaving Fiji was like leaving home. The people there are so super friendly you can hardly believe it exists in this world. Together with the beauty of their islands and surrounding ...
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Society Islands; ancient cultures and traditional dances

Society Islands; ancient cultures and traditional dances Tahiti, back to civilisation After the immense silence of the barely inhabited Marquesas and Tuamotus islands, it feels unreal to encounter so many people, cars and a serious highway again. Everything seems to ...
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Stingray city in Moorea

Ok, ok, it is terribly touristic and under discussion, but it is sooooo nice: feeding and cuddling stingrays in Stingray city, Moorea. Stingray city is nothing more than an area of shallow water behind the reef where a lot of ...
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Pacific Dream

No wind, no waves, just silence.... It can make you crazy and make you run for the engine to put it on, so you can be sure of making the day average of miles you have in mind to reach ...
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We arrived safely on the Marquesas islands after three weeks of sailing

Last Sunday we arrived safely on the Marquesas islands after three weeks of sailing. It was a beautiful, intense and deep spiritual journey. Dissolving in the vastness of all blue around. I can recommend it to everybody. Last days been ...
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Swimming around playing sea lions ...
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Natural Beach life in Galapagos

Video diary Yemaya goes to Asia 1th of april 2017: Impressions of the beach life in Galapagos. Shot at Bahia Tortuga Galapagos. The marine iguana and the Sally Lightfoot crab are only found on Galapagos. The Cactus trees are also ...
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sea lions in Galapagos

Video diary Yemaya goes to Asia 29th of march 2017: Impressions of the sea lions in Galapagos ...
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Transit Panama channel

Transit Panama Canal: goodbye Caribbean, hello Pacific After ten days of enjoying the peaceful islands of the San Blas, we set sail to Colon, situated at the mouth of the Panama Canal. You can't think of a bigger contrast than ...
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Seeing land again after a few days of sailing.


ASIA, HERE WE COME! On the 23rd of January 2017 our dream became reality: we started our journey to the West with final destination: the 'far East'. After 5 years of traveling through Caribbean waters, it is time for us ...
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Goed aangekomen

Hoi hoi, We zijn goed aangekomen op de werkelijk geweldig mooie San Blas eilanden. Zo iets moois hebben we nog niet gezien.. We blijven hier even om bij te komen van de overtocht ...
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