Change of sailing area: from Malaysia and Thailand to the Mediterranean

Change of sailing area: from Malaysia and Thailand to the Mediterranean

Text Mallika and Images Deep.  Latest update: 11 December 2018.

Who are we

We are Deep and Mallika, the creators of the meditation and sailing holidays on sailing catamaran Yemaya. In 2010 we decided to leave our safe and well organised life in the Netherlands to start a new unknown life on a sailing boat traveling the world. We both like traveling and meeting new cultures. To combine this with organising sailing holidays, in which meditation and enhancing awareness of yourself and the environment takes a central place, was the new life we wanted to live. It was scary to leave our safe haven in the Netherlands, but when we look back now, we can only stimulate people to follow their hearts and live the life they are dreaming of. Enjoy life at the fullest!

Zijn ze niet leuk? Ons koppel van de week. Mallika en Deep.

Sailing in Thailand and Malaysia

After sailing and meditating with guests for years in the southern Caribbean, it was time to move on. For me the main reason was to get closer to my Guru, who is living in India. So we continued our travels passing the Panama canal, crossing the immense Pacific Ocean and, finally, after leaving the Torres Strait we arrived in the part of the world where we would like to live for some time: exotic and mystic Asia. Here we wanted to start again with the meditation and sailing holidays. The innumerous little, gorgeous islands overgrown with lustrous green and fringed by lovely beaches in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand seemed perfect for our plan. The ocean in this area is mostly calm with a sweet breeze. Just the perfect setting for relaxed and easy sailing. After sailing and exploring here for a year we can only confirm this. We have to say that there are places where the amount of tourists or plastic in the waters is far from attractive… But there are still enough breathtaking places where you sink in deep relaxation and meditation just by itself.

Maar er zijn nog steeds adembedemende plekjes waar je als vanzelf in diepe rust en meditatie verzinkt
But there are still enough breathtaking places where you sink in deep relaxation and meditation just by itself.

New laws

Years ago Asia was a place where it was easy to live a simple life and to move through the maze of regulations if you were smart enough. Maybe this is still true for certain ways of life but for us, as foreigners organising sailing holidays on our own yacht, things will become a lot more complicated from 2019 on. That is why we have decided to sail further to the Mediterranean to see what life will bring us there. As soon as we are there we will continue organising the meditation and sailing holidays. We have done this now already for about 7 years with great joy and would love to do this many years more. Just with a change of setting: the sunny Greek islands. This means that the meditation and sailing holidays in Malaysia and Thailand planned in 2019 in collaboration with our Dutch agent ‘Spirituele vakantiereizen’ are canceled. However, keep an eye on our agenda, because chances are high that you are already able to sail and meditate with us from May/June 2019 onward in Greece!

Hijs de zeilen! Op weg naar een nieuw mooi eiland.
Hoist the sails! On the way to explore a new beautiful island.

Long sailing trips and high risk areas.

Soon we will set sail in the direction of the Mediterranean via the Red Sea and through the Suez canal. As most of you probably know, this hasn’t been the safest route for boats because of the piracy situation there. Since years the piracy in this high risk area has been suppressed by war ships which are patrolling there all the time. Still, though, things do sometimes happen to cargo boats. After thorough investigation and contact with the army over there and other sailing boats willing to take this route, we have decided that the benefits of taking this route instead of the much longer way along South Africa are much higher at this moment than the risks. But scary it is! Beginning of next year we will start our adventure with some other sailingyachts together. During our trip we will write regular updates to keep you informed.