Crewed charter

Wellness adventure retreat aboard catamaran Yemaya

Welcome aboard! Join Deep and Premmallika on a wellness catamaran sailing holiday.

Feel welcome to join us! We would like to offer you an unforgetable wellness catamaran sailing holiday, where you feel invited to relax and open up. Where we can be together and share adventures like friends. Where we start to realize there is more in life than work, busy time schedules and so-called problems…. Just enjoying sailing, snorkeling, diving, nature, good food…. In one word: just enjoying LIFE..

Through our personal experience in the last years, while living on a yacht, sailing around with beautiful people and encountering gorgeous tropical places and their inhabitants, we found out that these ingredients are indeed very helpful to be able to offer you all of this. Certainly combined with the daily meditation and yoga, which not only enables you to relax and open up more, but also helps you to become aware of something beautiful and precious inside, the Real You!

Last years we have traveled through the Caribbean seas and now we are ready to explore more of Mother Earth. In January 2017 therefore we will set sail to the West to encounter the Pacific waters. If you are up to some Pacific adventure, please, join us and let’s explore together!

Pleased to meet you!

The team on Yemaya consists of  a Dutch couple, Deep Boel and Premmallika Kokke together with their Siamese cat Juna.

In July 2010 they left The Netherlands on their sailing yacht to discover the world, wishing to start organizing wellness catamaran sailing holidays in some tropical paradise.


Deep Boel


Because of the countless sailing trips he made across the world and the experience he gained during sailing competitions in Holland, he has grown into a competent and responsible skipper. He will sail you safely from island to island and can tell you a lot about sailing and sailboats if you like.  As a former sailing instructor, Deep knows how to explain things in an easy to understand way. If you are interested in how to sail and how a sailboat works, you can ask Deep everything about it. He also has a lot of knowledge about weather systems and navigation. For sure he can tell you some interesting facts about it.

He started meditating about 15 years ago and attended a lot of meditation retreats at the Humaniversity and Osholeela Mystery school.


Mallika Kokke


Mallika will make sure you won’t get hungry or thirsty.
Her delicious and healthy meals are made of fresh and local ingredients. You can be sure of getting homemade bread and fresh fruit salads, made of delicious local fruits, each day. Mallika’s hobby is cooking and learning how to transform typical local ingredients into a mouthwatering dish.

Since the age of 19 she meditates regularly. Meditations like active meditations from Osho, visualization techniques, mantra chanting and meditations based on the ancient wisdom of Tantra. Currently she is greatly inspired by Sri Sri Bhagavan, a Satguru, or spiritual master living in India. He teaches people about Vedanta.

Crewed charter with cat Juna



Juna, our third crewmember, is a Siamese female cat.
She makes sure to create a homely atmosphere by lying on the couch, being extremely cute.

We have a cat free cabin for people who are mildly allergic.

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