Crewed charter

Aren't they cute? Our couple of the week.

Deep Boel and Prem Mallika Kokke are the organisers of the adventurous mindfulness holidays

Since 2012 they have been organising these holidays all over the world. Now they are back in Europe to continue these unique holidays in the Ionian sea at the west coast of Greece.

In 2010 they left everything behind to sail into the unknown. It was scary to do this: leaving their safe, well arranged life in The Netherlands to follow their heart and dreams. Now, years later, after many ups but also downs, they feel only gratefulness for having taken this step. They hope to inspire other people as well to choose the life that makes them truly happy. To live their life of full potential and fullheartedly.

Pleased to meet you

Deep Boel

Because of the countless sailing trips he made across the world and the experience he gained during sailing competitions in Holland, he has grown into a competent and responsible skipper. He will sail you safely from island to island and can tell you a lot about sailing and sailboats if you like.  As a former sailing instructor, Deep knows how to explain things in an easy to understand way. If you are interested in how to sail and how a sailboat works, you can ask Deep everything about it. He also has a lot of knowledge about weather systems and navigation. For sure he can tell you some interesting facts about it.

He started meditating about 15 years ago and attended a lot of meditation retreats at the Humaniversity and Osholeela Mystery school.

Premmallika Kokke

Mallika makes sure you feel at home aboard Yemaya. She is the one who prepares delicious and healthy meals for you. Mallika’s hobby is to transform typical local ingredients into a mouthwatering dish.

She is doing the yoga/ meditation session each morning for the ones who like to join.

Since the age of 19 she meditates regularly. Meditations like active meditations from Osho, visualization techniques, mantra chanting and meditations based on the ancient wisdom of Tantra. Currently she is greatly inspired by Sri Sri Bhagavan, a Satguru, or spiritual master living in India. He teaches people about