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Coming from Europe:

Costs ticket are about 1100€.

Bristish Airways has flights going from London straight to Barbados, St Lucia and Grenada. Most straight flights however are to Barbados.

Virgin Atlantic has flights from London to Barbados and Grenada

Air France/KLM has cheap flights from Paris to the French islands like Martinique and Guadeloupe.

Condor flies from Frankfurt to Barbados. And they have direct flights from Frankfurt to Grenada.

Berlin Airlines flies from Dusseldorf to St Lucia.


Coming from USA:

Costs ticket are about 700 US$.

Flights to Barbados and Grenada possible with American Airlines and Jetblue.

Most flights start from Miami.


Coming from Canada:

Costs ticket are about 650 Canadian$

Air Canada has direct flights from Toronto to Barbados and Grenada


For inter island flights

you can look at LIAT.  You can also try Caribbean Airlines, Mustique Airways or SVG air.

For more information on flights and travel to Grenada with other airlines visit Grenada Explorer (http://www.grenadaexplorer.com/Airline.htm). This website also has plenty of details on how to get around Grenada, what to do in Grenada and where to stay.

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