Indonesia, 8th of May 2018, one week sailing South-east of Sumatra

This tiny island paradise is ripe for exploration. We invite you to do this in this one week sailing holiday.

This tiny island paradise is part of the Bangka-Belitung island province in Indonesia, which also includes several other smaller islands ripe for exploration. Featuring dreamy white sand beaches and views that are like no other, here is where you’ll get to relax and cleanse both your mind and soul.

Bangka-Belitung Islands have numerous beaches and several small islands. Some beaches are famous for their natural attractiveness with blue sea waters, variety of coral reefs, white sand, and giant granite rock formations.



Explore a dreamy world of white Danau Kaolin near Tanjung Pandan is a world of pure white.



Pulau Lengkuas is one of the many little islands populating the waters around Belitung. There is a gorgeous, ancient lighthouse that was built by the Dutch in 1882. For many years now, it’s been guiding the boats around the area, and also attracting tourists to the island. Pulau Lengkuas is also a snorkeling destination and a great place to just chill and enjoy the beautiful sight of white sandy beach, crystal clear waters and granite rocks.



Pulau Batu Berlayar is also known as Sailing Rock Island. The granite stones that can be found on this island are arranged in such a way that from afar, they look like a ship that is sailing! Two particularly big rocks make up the “mast” of the “ship”, while other smaller rocks form the body.

On this really tiny island there many starfishes. Many beautifull photo ops you can have with these stars!

Or, you could simply float on the clear seawater and enjoy a day of doing nothing. That sounds pretty perfect to us too.



Yemaya has a well deserved rest in San Blas after storm ride.


8th of May 2018, one week sailing . These are some of the possibilities for this one week sailing holiday. All these places (and many more) we can visit while staying on sailing catamaran Yemaya. There will be a maximum of 6 guest.


1 week Price 1.085 euro. PP. (full board)

(155 euro pd full board) This price is based on a booking with 2 persons for 1 cabin.

Contact us for a detailed  Itinerary.


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Sailing to Curacao. Sails are in "milkmaid" setting

And we will sail offcourse😊

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