Juna, her joyful time on earth has come to an end


Her joyful time on earth has come to an end. Our most loved, hopelessly naughty, little pussycat Juna is not with us any more. At least not in her beautiful Siamese cat form. She is still everywhere… her energy wrapped around us as a mother consoling her child. In our deluded mind, who sees her still in every piece of white, hears her in every little sound on the boat, feels her against our legs during our half sleep… It is so painful to suddenly not having her around anymore.. She was so close to us, always around and talking to us  in all kind of miauws possible. It will take some time to heal this open wound in our system where she was ripped away. Only if you ever have had a pet you dearly loved, you understand how a piece of you dies when they have to leave this world….

She died because of a tumor in her intestines. She didn’t survive the surgery.

We will always remember her and are most grateful for the beautiful and intense 10 years we have had together.

Thank you, Juna. You are free now.