31 october-7 november 2019: Adventurous mindfulness holiday

Adventurous mindfulness holidays for families

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31 oktober-7 november 2019

Adventure and inspiration during a journey of reflection around the Greek islands

Are you a parent in search for an inspiring and relaxing holiday experience together with your kids? Something different than an easy, overcrowded beach holiday? Than this adventurous mindfulness holiday might be something for you and your child(ren).

With the wind in your hair you sail through deep blue waters from bay to bay. You discover nice islands, mysterious caves and a stunning waterfall in sunny Greece. Next to these adventures there are moments of mindfulness like easy to follow meditation and yoga sessions, personal sharing and mantra singing. The unique combination of sailing with mindfulness results into deep relaxation in parent and child. Which makes it easier to be more mindful in the present moment. On board there is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, delicious vegetarian food and love. A good sense of humor, fun and now and than delicious ice cream ashore makes this adventurous mindfulness holiday complete.

You sail together with Mallika and Deep on a sailing catamaran (13 meters) in the Ionian sea, situated at the westcoast of Greece. This area has some gorgeous islands, like Lefkas, Meganisi, Kalamos, Kastos and Ithaki. A perfect area for some adventurous exploration. They are still rather unspoiled by mass tourism. The rich history of Greece offers the opportunity to absorb some of the ancient, mystical Greek culture.

Every day you sail to another destination. Especially secluded, of the grit bays which are only accesible by boats. In this way you visit the most unique and quiet places. And because catamaran Yemaya is your home, there is no need for packing and unpacking your baggage all the time.

Deze oases van stilte en prachtige natuur zijn ideaal voor mooie wandelingen en meditatie.
Mindfulness retreat: The silence and magic of sailing and the hikes in beautiful nature wil help you to fall into a mindful state.

Why mindfulness holidays for kids?

In this hectic and chaotic world it is not always easy for sensitive children to adapt. They are very open and get influenced easily by external stimuli. Therefore they are extremely sensitive to unwelcome tensions and energies from their environment and can easily loose themselves in that. This might result in all kinds of problems.

Do you recognise these symptoms in your child?

– Problems with sleeping
– Stress related symptoms like headache, pain in stomach….
– Easily irritated
– Malfunctioning in school
– Tendency to isolate her- or himself
– Concentration difficulties

Meditation and yoga can be of great help! In this adventurous mindfulness holiday you and your child get to know about basic meditation techniques which you can easily apply in your daily life. By practising these regularly you will see that your child:

– Learns how to stay close to him- or herself
– Gets a better understanding about his or her own bounderies which makes it easier to protect her or himself from outside influences.
– Can retain the own energy better
– Can coop better with tension and stress
– Can relax better in the body
– Gets calmer and therefore can concentrate better

Besides these moments of meditation, mindfulness and yoga there is of course plenty of time for real holiday moments: Nice sailing, swimming, beach time, exploring caves and waterfalls, walking through beautiful Greek towns with delicious icecream shops….

Een yoga meditatie oefening en dan tegelijkertijd nieuwe eilanden ontdekken met een zeilboot, ja dat kan!
Mindfulness retreat: The silence and magic of sailing and the hikes in beautiful nature wil help you to fall into a mindful state.


7 days holiday is: €1399,- per person in own cabin
7 days holiday for 2 persons sharing 1 cabin: €1239,- per person

Price includes:

All meals (except one diner ashore to enjoy the local cuisine)
Coffee, tea, drinking water, softdrinks on board
Fuel for yacht and dinghy
Use of snorkel equipment
Meditation/yoga sessions
Hikes with guide and lunchbox
Sailing lessons
Deep and Mallika know a lot about the area.

Price excludes:

1 dinner ashore
Transfer from airport (20-35 €)
Possible acupuncture treatments (35 €)

Waarom een zeilvakantie? Er is meer rust, meer eenvoud en je leeft hand in hand met de natuur. Het leven wordt veel meer een meditatie op zich.
Why a sailing holiday? You are living hand in hand with nature and life becomes already a meditation in itself.


You sail together with Mallika and Deep on a sailing catamaran (13 meters) in the Ionian sea, situated at the westcoast of Greece. This area has some gorgeous islands, like Lefkas, Meganisi, Kalamos, Kastos and Ithaki to explore. They are still rather unspoiled by mass tourism. Especially during spring and autumn this is the ideal environment for beautiful hikes. The rich history of Greece offers the opportunity to absorb some of the ancient, mystical Greek culture.

Every day you sail to another destination. Especially secluded, of the grit bays which are only accesible by boats. In this way you visit the most unique and quiet places. And because catamaran Yemaya is your home, there is no need for packing and unpacking your baggage all the time.

Lokatie meditatie zeil retreat
Location sailing and meditation retreat Greece


This itinerary is a rough indication. We like to integrate your questions and wishes in the present moment. We are also dependent on the weather conditions.

Day 1
Warm welcome with coffee and tea. After that we hoist the sails and go to the peninsula Lefkada. During our daily sailing moments there is time enough for questions regarding meditation, mindfulness and personal sharing, mantra singing…. Or you can spend your time in silence staring over the deep blue waters. Most children love the sailing and we see how they deeply relax or sometimes even fall asleep
Around 12.30 lunch is served.
In the afternoon we arrive in Nidri, a sheltered bay on the east side of Lefkada. The large bay is surrounded by white beaches and palm trees with a lot of bars and restaurants. You can swim, wander along the beach and have a nice drink or tasty icecream overlooking the bay. You can also stay aboard and relax while a lovely diner is being prepared in the galley.
Around 18.30 diner is served.

Day 2
7.00 We start the day with an easy to follow yoga and meditation session for parents and children for about 1 hour
8.30 Breakfast is served
9.30 Hike to the waterfall in Nidri. In about 1,5 hour hiking through beautiful nature we arrive at the gorgeous Dimossari waterfall. On the way to the waterfall we invite you to walk in silence and to be as mindfull as possible. To enjoy nature and yourself at the fullest in the here and now. The waterfall ends into a crystal clear pond where you can have a refreshing swim. We will bring our lunch pakkages on the way. If you can’t walk too long, there is the possibility to go by car to the waterfall. (not included in the price)
15.30 Sail to the island of Meganisi, south east of Lefkada. This will take about an hour.
18.30 Dinner is served

Day 3
7.00 Meditation and yoga session
8.30 Breakfast
9.30 Short sailingtrip the Papanikolis cave on Meganisi. This cave is a giant and partly underwater. It is very impressive to go in the cave with a little boat to look around. During the second world war it is said a submarine took shelter here to hide after its blitzkrieg on the Italian army.
10.30 With the dinghy we visit the Papanikolis cave
12.30 Sail to Ithaki while lunch is served. Ithaki was the home island of Odysseus. There is enough time for questions, sharing, mantra singing…
16.30 Arrival in Vathy, the capital of Ithaki. You can have a little stroll, enjoy a drink or nice icecream..
18.30 Dinner is served

Day 4
7.00 Meditation and yoga session
8.30 Breakfast
9.30 Hike around Vathy. This morning we step into the old story of Homerus and follow the footsteps of Odysseus. We hike to the cave of the Nymphs, where according to Homerus, Odysseus went to hide his gifts from the Phoenicians. Archeological excavations have indeed shown that in the ancient times the Nymphs were worshipped here. The idyllic path continues through gorgeous nature along the ruins of the most important city of the island during the Middle Ages. It ends in the lovely village Pirachori, where still old little houses, an interesting chapel and a nice church can be found. We like to invite you again to walk in silence during the hike to Pirachori to be able to absorb the powerful energy of this area.

In Vathy itself there are also some interesting historic buildings, like the beautiful houses of the most wealthy families G. Karavias and G. Drakoulis. Or the churches of Agios Georgios (Sint George). There is an archeological museum with collections of the Geometric, Mycenic and Korinthian period. We take a lunch package with us.
14.30 Sail to Kioni, a lovely town 24 km distance from Vathy. This will take us about 1,5 hour.
16.00 Arrival in Kioni. Time for some swimming, little stroll ashore, having a drink….
18.30 Dinner is served

Day 5
7.00 Meditation and yoga session
8.30 Breakfast
9.30 Visit of Kioni. According to many the most beautiful village of the whole island Ithaki. The whole village resembles an amphitheater, where the little, cute houses are built in semi circles around a pitoresque, little harbour. Here you see lots of colorful fishingboats laying quietly in the water. We stroll around in the little streets to absorb the friendly atmosphere of Kioni.
12.30 Sailingtrip for about 3 hours to Kalamos. Lunch is served while sailing and there is enough time for sharing, mantra singing…
16.00 Arrival in Kalamos. You can have swim or stroll ashore.
18.30 Dinner is served

Day 6
7.00 Meditation and yoga session
8.30 Breakfast
9.30 Hike on Kalamos. Kalamos is an unspoiled, little island with about 600 inhabitants. Not many tourists visit this place, therefore it is still the ideal island for mindfulness and relaxation. In the north and east the island is covered by a dense pine wood, inhabited by many different kinds of birds. The pines growing here are very rare. They only grow in two places of the world. The perfect place for being in nature to relax.
12.30 Sail to Meganisi for about 2 hours. Lunch while sailing.
14.30 Arrival in Meganisi. There is time to explore the little fishing town Vathy situated in a deep bay.

Day 7
7.00 Meditation and yoga session
8.30 Breakfast
9.30 Sailingtrip to Lefkada city for about 3 hours
12.00 Lunch is served
13.00 This last afternoon there is time to explore Lefkada city. This vibrant city has a rich history. You can visit the Old City, south of Lefkada city. Old ruins of Nirikos, the first capital of Lefkada from 2000 B.C. are still there. Close to Lefkada city the oldest church of the island can be found: the Agios Ioannis Antzoussis church. It appears that apostle Paulus has been here to preach about Christianity on his way to Rome. It seems he also has preached in the monastery of Panagia Fanaromeni. This monastery is also close to Lefada city. It is one of the monuments still in use nowadays. Her rich history dates indeed back to the time the first apostles were still alive. This beautiful monastery is built on a hilltop covered with pines. From here you have a great view on the Agios Ioannis church.

Last but not least: you can also choose to visit the impressive fort of Agia Mavra. It was built in the 14th century and ever since it has protected the city. It has been reinforced later by the Venetians.

In the evening you can relax with a drink or icecream in one of the bars and enjoy a typical Greek dish in a nice restaurant.

Day 8
7.00 Meditation and yoga session
8.30 Breakfast

Departure from Yemaya

Het belangrijkste agendapunt is om rustig te genieten.
Mindfulness retreat: The silence and magic of sailing and the hikes in beautiful nature wil help you to fall into a mindful state.


Deep Boel and Prem Mallika Kokke are the organisers of the adventurous mindfulness holidays

Since 2012 they have been organising these holidays all over the world. Now they are back in Europe to continue these unique holidays in the Ionian sea at the west coast of Greece.

In 2010 they left everything behind to sail into the unknown. It was scary to do this: leaving their safe, well arranged life in The Netherlands to follow their heart and dreams. Now, years later, after many ups but also downs, they feel only gratefulness for having taken this step. They hope to inspire other people as well to choose the life that makes them truly happy. To live their life of full potential and fullheartedly.

Zijn ze niet leuk? Ons koppel van de week. Mallika en Deep.
Aren't they cute? Our couple of the week.


The holiday and flights are booked separately. We organise our holidays as much as we can outside the public holidays. (Except for the adventurous mindfulness holidays for kids). So you can get more affordable flights. We can give you advise regarding flights and airlines. We are not responsable for the flights booked. In case of delays or other problems the responsibilty is for the airlines. Therefore make sure you have arranged a cancellation insurance.

Transavia heeft zeer voordelige chartervluchten naar Preveza
Mindfulness retreat: The silence and magic of sailing and the hikes in beautiful nature wil help you to fall into a mindful state.

Reserve your place with us

You can use this form to ask questions or to make a booking. If you want to speak with us in person we would love to do so! Leave your phone number in the message. Your email address and phone number will only be used for contacting you regarding this sailing holiday.

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Fiona, Peter and Alison

What a wonderful time we shared with you.
Thank you for yoga, meditation and the stories to help us on our way.
Thank you for delicious food.

Hermès and Sandra:

We have spent enjoyable and wonderful time on your yacht. We appreciated your expertise on sailing , we felled safe.

Meredith and Avi:

Our week spent on the Yemaya with these two unique people was one of the best of our lives.

Hanne & Soren:

We will never forget you. Your hospitality and personality is more than great.

Nathalie & Emanuel:

Mallika and Deep gave us the opportunity to spend 3 days in Paradise. An unforgettable sailing adventure, incredible reefs and a lot of turtles.

Bernardita, Domi, Patrick:

We rested, had a lot of fun and felt very relaxed. It was the perfect vacation. Thank you very much for the Yoga lesson that were really enjoyed.

Loek & Monique:

From all the sailing options that we researched we were attracted by your concept. This proved a very good choice!

Kai and Chrissy:

Thank you so much for this unforgettable experience! A dream came true and sailing in the footsteps of Jack Sparrow can’t be better than to do it with you guys.

Boon, Elaine & Ali:

We learned so much about sailing and enjoyed delicious food. The places we went to were so beautiful and peaceful. This week has been an unforgettable experience.

Adam & Michelle:

We were looking forward to this trip for many months, and it was even more wonderful than we had hoped.

Gwen and Jan:

Thanks a lot for this awesome sailing trip!! It was an unforgettable time with you sailing from Grenada up to Tobago Cays and back to Carriacou.

Moni and Reinhold:

People go sailing with Mallika & Deep, you’ll get addicted!

Sonia & Murillo:

If you are looking for paradise on earth, you found it here. Yoga is the special highlight.

Mari and Joni:

All the program was so nicely arranged for us! The food was really good and various, special thanks to Mallika for that.

Grit, Norma and Frank:

The whole journey was an excursion through paradise: we enjoyed the variety of the beautiful islands, sailing on the ocean, snorkeling in the clear waters

Jenny and Ben:

Thank you for taking such good care of us. We will fondly remember our wonderful conversations about the meaning of life, meditation, holistic medicine, samurais and Russian cinema.

Margit & Andreas:

Thank you very much for having shared your boat and your way of living for a short while! Especially the first stormy sail was very impressive and gave us a lot of trust in your sailing capabilities.

Petra and Wolfgang:

Everything was of a dreamlike beauty. The sailing was great, the weather was good. It was a great experience. We will remember this beautiful trip for a long time..

Silke and Jens:

For beginners in sailing it is a beautiful experience. The sounds of the waves (without the noise of an engine) the very nice host(ess) and the good weather made this trip a trip of a lifetime!

Janet & Thomas:

We really enjoyed our time aboard Yemaya. It was over far to quickly! A (little) journey through paradise.

Aviva, Eric, Ella and Kiek:

It is great that we can look back at a lovely sailing experience for the whole family. We liked it together with you, we enjoyed your experience and stories.

Jannick & Hannah, Noah, Benjamin & Elias:

Thank you for a very good experience and some great days at sea. It has been really great to see the islands and to learn about life on a boat.


Thank you very much for this beautiful holiday. Mallika cooks very well and Deep knows very good how to sail.

John and Alison:

Yemaya is extremely comfortable with plenty of space in the rear deck and below decks. During the trip we anchored at some beautiful bays en route

Petra and Wolfgang

It was the first time for me to go on a sailing trip for several days and I was very enthusiastic. I was even more surprised that everything went so well and that I didn’t have to disappoint my husband, who has been sailing since he was a child.

Lex and Margreth:

The first night already, we experienced what magic can happen in the caboose: great cuisine from a small kitchen! The atmosphere on board was strengthened by a personal touch in our hut 🙂 Warmth not only came from the boatman and -wife


My stay on the yacht with Mallika and Deep was an unique experience.
You are living on the waves: Your bed becomes a water bed. Your legs become sea legs. The ceiling is the clear sky above full of stars.