Sailing with luxurious sailing catamaran

Sailing with catamaran Yemaya

Sailing with catamaran Yemaya makes it possible to go every day to another beautiful bay.

Many islands are uninhabited and of a mindblowing beauty. Because they can only  be reached by sailing boats and not by big cruise ships, they will be kept untouched by mass tourism.

Sailing with Yemaya means traveling in an eco friendly way. Electricity is generated by solar panels and with the slightest winds we hoist the sails and put off the engines.

About catamaran Yemaya

  • On anchor


Yemaya is a fast sailing catamaran. The boat is designed by Marc van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot-Prevost. Together, they are specialized in racing multihulls designs. Their multihulls became famous and won many victories in races, including the America’s Cup in 2010 and records around the world. In 1994 VPLP designed the racing trimaran made famous by the movie Waterworld starring Kevin Costner. Yemaya is built in 1994 by Tillotson-Pearson in the US. This TPI boat became winner of the “Sailing World Boat of the Year”. In 2015 the yacht has been extensively refitted. She is built and approved with the highest standard for ocean sailing, made for around the world travels.

  • Saloon Yemaya Sailing Catamaran
    Saloon Yemaya Sailing Catamaran


Yemaya can house maximum 6 guests next to us. There are three bathrooms. Yemaya also has an outside shower on the swimming platform, where you can rinse of the salt water straight after your swim. The big cockpit is the ideal place to sit and enjoy the sunset with a nice drink or have a delicious meal. On the deck is plenty of room to walk around and the spacious trampolines in front are perfect to lay down lazily with a good book. Because of the numerous hatches in the boat, it is always airy and cool inside without the necessity of an airco. The energy is generated by solar panels and therefore it’s not necessary to run the engine during the evenings so you can enjoy your evenings in silence. Electricity is available in 12V and 220V

  • You can also sail along the archipelago of Guadeloupe in a Guadeloupe sailing holiday.


Yemaya doesn’t need a lot of wind to sail. Unlike many other charters we are real sailors and like to sail whatever possible! Sailing on a catamaran is a lot more comfortable than on a mono hull. The movements are less intense and people tend to adapt to these movements more easily. Therefore seasickness is less common. On the anchorages catamarans are a lot more stable as well. This makes your stay more pleasurable, for instance while having diner and during the night.

Agenda catamaran Yemaya

Change of sailing area: from Malaysia and Thailand to the Mediterranean

Long sailing trips and high risk areas.
Soon we will set sail in the direction of the Mediterranean via the Red Sea and through the Suez canal.

We also offer individual sailing holidays. Send us a message if you would like to receive information about this or if you would like to come on a date which isn’t listed in our agenda.