Stingray city in Moorea

Ok, ok, it is terribly touristic and under discussion, but it is sooooo nice: feeding and cuddling stingrays in Stingray city, Moorea.

Stingray city is nothing more than an area of shallow water behind the reef where a lot of stingrays use to come. In the morning they know by now that some little boats with tourists are coming to see them and to feed them.

When we arrived with the dinghy they immediately gathered around us. It was hardly possibly to step out of the dinghy into the water and not step on one of them. As soon as you are standing in the water they come up at you and brush themselves against you. They are so incredible soft! Never felt something like that. I couldn’t resist their call and opened a little can of cat food to spoil them even more….

Their mouth is underneath, quite some distance away from the ‘nose’ so at first I couldn’t figure out how it worked, but the stingrays are luckily quick teachers. The discussion about feeding or not feeding wild animals faded away in the back of my mind and I greatly enjoyed their closeness and faith.