Boon, Elaine & Ali:

Boon, Ali & Elaine on the trampoline of sailing catamaran Yemaya: This week has been an unforgettable experience

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Dear Guestbook,

How lucky are we that we got to meet Juna the cat! And Deep & Mallika. We learned so much about sailing and enjoyed delicious food. The places we went to were so beautiful and peaceful. This week has been an unforgettable experience.

Your sailing has inspired us to explore the seas and hopefully we will join you two again in the future. Thank you Yemaya for keeping us save and showing us the beautiful sea. Thank you Deep and Mallika and Juna for having us on the trip and the really great company. Hope to see your future journeys online and that they are just as wonderful as the Caribbean.


With love,


Boon, Elaine & Ali.