Why a sailing holiday

Why a sailing holiday?

Traveling with a sailingboat makes it possible to visit the most remote places you can never reach otherwise and you don’t even have to pack and unpack your belongings all the time. You are as free as a seagull to choose an off the grit route.

Living on a sailing boat gives a completely different taste of life. Life slows down, becomes more basic and more down to earth. You are living hand in hand with nature and life becomes already a meditation in itself. Especially while sailing we experience this deeply.

Sailing experience is not needed. You can leave your busy schedules at home and sail with us to experience this unique lifestyle. Your mind gets a break for some time. Just simply enjoying moment to moment in awareness.

During this sailing holiday we offer:

When there is not a lot of wind we just put on more sail. We only use the engine when there is no wind at all.

Sailing lessons

If you like you can actively take part in sailing Yemaya. Deep can teach you a lot about sailing and sailing boats. You can always help with hoisting the sails, steering the wheel and Deep can explain you in detail about the instant choices he makes in certain situations. You will go home with a lot more knowledge and sailing experience.

Doing Yoga on the deck of Yemaya. Yemaya is anchored in Salt whistle bay

Yoga/ meditation

In the morning there is the possibility of doing meditation and yoga to uplift our spirit and to enhance our inner awareness. The beautiful nature surrounding us is the ideal place for this. These sessions are easy to follow and everybody can participate. It is a playful invitation to taste a bit of what yoga and meditation can do with your body and mind.

Vegetarian food

Every day you can be sure of homemade bread, freshly made fruit salads, tasty appetizers or deserts and nourishing, exquisite meals. On sailing catamaran Yemaya the food is not only delicious, but also healthy and made of local, fresh products. The tropical climate makes that there is an abundance of tasty vegetables and sweet fruits for our vegetarian meals.

At the Tobago Cays you can swim with many fishes.


Welcome to the fascinating underwater world! A completely other reality where you are floating lightly above the reefs, looking around and seeing colorful corals, inhabitated with all kind of tropical fishes, maybe a turtle crossing your way… Snorkeling can be a mind blowing experience. Even the sounds in your ears, like parrot fishes nibbling the corals, are not to be compared to the sounds we are used to. On board we have snorkeling gear you can use for free.



Walk on the golden beaches under the palm trees or hike in the abundant tropical vegetation of the rain forrest. Tropical nature with its rich smells and countless shades of green makes it easy to reconnect with Mother Earth. You will visit villages and places where you can meet the local inhabitants. People in Asia are most of the time very welcoming and super friendly. After such a visit we mostly return to Yemaya with a heartwarm feeling.



Acupuncture treatments can be given on board of sailing catamaran Yemaya. As a certified acupuncturist with many years of experience Mallika is able to give acupuncture treatments against all kind of physical problems, like acute or chronic pain disorders. Acupuncture can also help to revitalize and/or relax