Wellness Sailing Holiday

Wellness adventure retreat aboard catamaran Yemaya

Wellness sailing holidays: Tailor made holidays where wellness and awareness for you as well as for our environment and their inhabitants is a central theme.

Imagine yourself staring over the deep blue ocean, with your hair blowing in the warm tropical breeze, while sailing silently from one gorgeous island to another. No better way to be imagined to escape from your busy daily life routines and to slowly dive into a state of complete wellness. We can make this dream come true for you!

Some of our ingredients:

Sunset on a perfect sailing location


In our catamaran sailing holidays we give you the opportunity to discover something magical. The unique combination of sailing, exploring the tropical islands, meeting the colourful and friendly inhabitants, snorkeling the beautiful reefs, healthy vegetarian food and the possibilty of yoga and meditation will make this easy!
And… surrounded by the crystal blue sea and the lush green tropical vegetation, you will also discover that this magical beauty outside resonates with something mysterious and magical inside your own self.



Delicious and healthy home(boat)made food. Every day you can be sure of homemade bread, freshly made fruit salads, tasty appetizers and nourishing, exquisite meals. On sailing catamaran Yemaya the food is not only delicious, but also healthy and made of local, fresh products. It will satisfy your taste buds as well as your body. The tropical climate makes that there is an abundance of tasty vegetables and sweet fruits for our vegetarian meals.

Doing Yoga on the deck of Yemaya. Yemaya is anchored in Salt whistle bay


Meditation and yoga sessions in beautiful bays surrounded by golden and deserted beaches. These sessions are easy to follow and everybody can participate. A lot of attention is given to the right breathing and the meditative side of yoga, more than overexerting yourself in doing the postures perfectly. It is a playful invitation to taste a bit of what yoga and meditation can do with your body and mind.

At the Tobago Cays you can swim with many fishes.


Snorkeling in the cristal clear turquoise water is mind blowing. You can swim with the maritime wildlife, the hawksbill turtle, stingrays in different sizes and many kinds of tropical fishes. Between the colorful corals the rest of the world will disappear for a moment.



Walk on the golden beaches, under the palm trees or walk in the abundant tropical vegetation of the rain forrest. Nature on the west coast is often completely different compared to the nature on the east coast. Every island is worthwhile a longer or shorter walk. Walking is a good way to get to know the island better. You visit villages and places where you can meet the local inhabitants. You will also be surprised how diverse even the smallest islands can be.



Acupuncture treatments can be given on board of sailing catamaran Yemaya. As a certified acupuncturist with many years of experience Mallika is able to give acupuncture treatments against all kind of physical problems, like acute or chronic pain disorders. Acupuncture can also help to revitalize and/or relax the body after a stressful, busy period.

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