"We lost ourselves in the beauty and serenity of the seas and stars! Thank you for making our first ever sailing adventure a truly spiritual experience."

Anita & Trevor

"The whole week was so fun and relaxing that we can’t wait to go sailing again with Deep and Mallika."
John & Alison

"Freedom is now or never"


"These wonderful days will stay forever in our memory. We hope we can join you again later.."

Antje & Uwe

"It was like being in paradise! Thank you so much for the days we spent with you on the Yemaya."

Bernardita & Domi & Patrick


Sailing Holidays in Awareness

In this holiday you share the adventurous life of people who are sailing the world in an eco-friendly way and try to live their lives in awareness.


Imagine yourself staring over the deep blue ocean, with your hair blowing in the warm tropical breeze, while sailing silently from one gorgeous island to another. With every morning the possibility of yoga and meditation. No better way to escape from your busy daily life routines!

Go on an adventure with us

Sailing with Yemaya

Traveling by sailing yacht is a great way to explore remote islands and places.

About us

Welcome aboard! We are Deep and Prem Mallika, a Dutch couple sailing the world since 2010.


Reasonable priced, high quality holidays is what we like to offer you. You can already sail with us for 155 € pp/pd. This includes meals.

Where is this holiday?

This sailing holiday is based on the west coast of Thailand and Malaysia. The different boarding places are all easily accessible by flight.

It can be nice to combine this sailing holiday with some days staying on the land. We can assist you in booking your flights and hotels.

Feel welcome to join us!

We would like to offer you an unforgetable holiday, where you feel invited to relax and open up. Where we can be together and share adventures like friends. Where we start to realize there is more in life than work, busy time schedules and so-called problems…. In one word: just enjoying LIFE..

Read about us in our logbook