Adventurous mindfulness holidays with catamaran Yemaya

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mediteren in Griekenland

Mindfulness holidays

If you love being in nature and need some time for reflection and mindfulness this sailing holiday is just what you are looking for!

Get inspired during silent hikes, meditation and yoga and enjoy delicious vegetarian food, Greek old cities and deep blue oceans.

walking and sailing vacation

Hiking and sailing holidays

If you like long hikes in beautiful nature, sailing in deep blue waters and visiting old historic places, this holiday is your match!

Every morning there is the possibility of easy to follow meditation and yoga sessions.

zeilen met kinderen

Mindfulness holidays for families

Are you looking for a unique and inspiring holiday experience with your children?

This sailing holiday, where moments of meditation and reflection go together with sailing adventure and exploring nice islands, is the ideal match for parents and children.

Are you looking for:

-Inner peace and relaxation?
-Reconnection with your inner Being?
-Destressing and quieting your mind?
-Inspiration and adventure?
-A ‘reset’ to clear things up?
-Meditation lessons?
-Sailing lessons?
-A unique experience?


Sailing through the Greek clear blue waters helps you to reconnect with your inner self. The unique combination of a sailing adventure together with mindfulnes and meditation has proved to be very effective. You can clear your mind in the warm sea breeze together with meditation and yoga sessions in the morning. Nice walks in pretty, old cities where you can absorb the rich history are alternated with silent hikes through beautiful nature. There is room for personal sharing in a friendly and safe way. You get spoiled by the delicious vegetarion meals prepared for you.

All of this, together with a healthy amount of humor and joy, make these adventurous mindfulnes holidays into a mindblowing and inspiring experience!

sustainability through sailing


Sailing with Yemaya means traveling in an eco friendly way. Electricity is generated by solar panels and with the slightest winds we hoist the sails and put off the engines.

The food served on board is vegetarian and is as much as possible prepared out of local, fresh produce.

team for mindful trips on board Yemaya

Experienced team

Deep and Prem Mallika are organising adventurous mindfullnes holidays since 2012. They realised that the combination of sailing together with meditation can change your life completely and permanent.

They love to take you with them in this unique experience!

boat made stories in blog

Boat-made blog

Read about life on catamaran Yemaya and dive into some of the adventures encountered during her circumnavigation.